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Eliza And Ethan Bridesmaid Dresses  

Eliza and Ethan 
We are proud to be the new stockists of Eliza and Ethan bridesmaid dresses. The Eliza and Ethan multi wrap dress are One Size, have over 22 colors and over 20 ways to wear it.  
The Eliza and Ethan dress comes in 22 colors, a matching complementary bandeau and a luxurious velvet carrying pouch. It’s the only dress that is truly ONE-SIZE. These dresses are proving to be so popular for many reasons. As well as their versatility, bridesmaids are loving these dresses as they are so easy to wear and so flattering. The heavy material hangs fabulously flattering any shape at the same time as being light and comfortable. 
Wear the dress conservatively for the ceremony, then wrap it a different way for an evening style, creating two very different looks. 
If you have a bridesmaid with a fuller bust who would wants support she can wear the matching bandeaux that comes with the dress to style as she feels comfortable, or for the bridesmaid who would like her arms covered, we can also create a style that suits her needs. If you have a bridesmaid who is pregnant then this dress will be ideal because as she grows, the dress will continue to fit her. So even if you have a bridesmaid who is a size 8 and one who is a 20 this dress will fit and suit both and saves you the extra cost and hassle of alterations. 
At only £185 your bridesmaids will thank you over and over as they will be comfortable and will be able to wear them again for a different occasion as they can achieve a completely different look! 
Want to know how to tie our Multi-Wrap Dress? Follow this link → http://www.elizaandethan.com 
Important announcement - Unfortunately at this time we are not able to host Bridesmaids appointments, but please do get in touch using our enquiry form and we will be in touch as soon as we are able to host Bridesmaid appointments once more. Thank you for your understanding, Sophie Grace Bridal 


We charge a consultation fee. Weekend appointments are £35 and weekday appointments are £20. All charges are refundable against your dress purchase. 
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