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Benefits of Micro Weddings 
With a guest list of 30 or less, you can let your imagination run wild, engage the best caterers, and buy the most expensive dress without feeling guilty about exceeding your budget. Here are some of the benefits of micro weddings that will surely tempt you to have one. 
Meaningful Celebration 
When you want to dedicate your full attention to your spouse-to-be, your new in-laws, your own family, and some of the closest friends, a micro wedding will make sure you have enough social juice to do it all without feeling drained. 
A wedding is the fanciest party you will throw yourself, to celebrate love and joy with your partner, so it is very important that you focus more on the celebration and less on attending to guests. With fewer people, you will get a chance to dance with more people, share laughter, and create wonderful memories for a lifetime. 
~ Images from our real bride Emma's wedding day. Click on the LINK to see more. © Sophie Grace Bridal 
Less Is More 
Grand weddings are expensive, they take a long time to plan, and many couples start feeling stressed out about the financial implications of a 200 or 500 people guest list. The entire process of creating a guest list, sending invitations, and making sure you did not miss out on any of the extended relatives can be tiresome. 
When you have less work to do, you have more time to plan important things like your jewellery, dress, and vows. With a smaller guest list, you can use that energy to spend more time deciding over the flowers, the music, and the venue. 
Also, when you spend less from your wedding budget, you get to spend more on yourself. This is a chance to save up for your honeymoon or the next phase of your life. 
~ Images from our real bride Poppy's wedding day. Click on the LINK to see more. © Sophie Grace Bridal 
You Create Your Own Timeline 
At Sophie Grace Bridal, we understand the value of time, especially for working women, which is why we are open for appointments even on Sundays. But, a lot of great venues, or amazing caterers, might have a long waiting list or a spend minimum. 
When planning for fewer people, you can easily find local florists whose arrangements you like, hire your favourite bakers, and create an event with your event planner instead of having the event planned for you where you feel rushed to make decisions. 
~ Images from our real bride Abi's wedding day. Click on the LINK to see more. © Sophie Grace Bridal. 
Micro Weddings Are Always More Personal 
Fewer people mean lesser expectations, and you do not have to worry about upholding every tradition in the book. With a smaller and more intimate gathering, you and your partner can soak up each moment without worrying about finances or playing good hosts. 
Your entire focus will be on the love you share with each other, and the people that support you will be there to witness it. Also, you will have room to create your own traditions, personalize greeting cards, and leave a personal touch everywhere. This adds so much sentiment to your big day because you have done everything in your unique style. 
It is a surreal new era where maintaining distance is crucial to our health and survival, but that should not deter you from planning the best day of your life, your wedding, with the same amount of excitement and gusto. In fact, micro weddings make for the perfect prelude to your happy ever after! 
~ Images from our real bride Anna's wedding day. Click on the LINK to see more. © Sophie Grace Bridal. 
Article written by Melisa McKenna ~ Social Media Specialist. 
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